Craig Finn Pixar Lyrics

She only pays attention to the plant life and atmosphere. She says she hopes they get thicker.

I heard the chick blamed the dude, I heard the dude blamed the rat. (side note: You essentially made a tumblog out of my friends’ and my favorite passtime. Thanks.)

It’s hard to play with Andy when half your friends are trash already.

Can’t you hear him? He’s that huge shrieking songbird eating locusts on Sundays.

When they say great white sharks, they mean the kind with the big kind hearts. When they say killer whales, they mean they rode a whale till they found him in a Sydney office park.

If you get tired of him pulling your string, There’s always other toys, There’s always other toy bins
If you get tired of the daycare scene, There’s always other boys, And you can make them like you.